Marjorie has been cooking since age 10, learning to recreate her Italian family's favorite dishes at the side of her mother and father, Rachel and Salvatore Mauriello. There were no recipes to follow. Marjorie was taught to cook by instinct, measuring ingredients in the palm of her hand, just as her parents had done.

As a young adult, she began to write down just lists of ingredients for several of the family creations. The marinara recipe, for example, read: oil, garlic, salt, pepper, forte (red pepper), oregano, and a can of crushed tomatoes. That and her taste buds were all she had to go on.

In 1999, she began in earnest to preserve the family legacy, resulting in her book "I'm So Hungry, Even You’re Startin' to Look Good," a nod to one of her father’s playful remarks to her mother when dinner was a few minutes late.

It took two years to develop the recipe collection, preparing dishes over and over until every ingredient was properly measured. During this time, Marjorie began informal cooking classes in her home for family and friends, and on occasion served as a guest chef at dinner parties. In 2002, she penned a feature on her family’s traditional Italian Christmas celebration, which appeared in the Los Angeles Times Magazine.

Marjorie now writes about and teaches Southern Italian cooking through her Los Angeles-based company, My Neapolitan Kitchen. She is also partnered in a Los Angeles-based production company, Three of a Kind Productions, focusing on food, travel and lifestyle programming.

In 2004, she attended cooking school in Sorrento, Italy, to broaden her repertoire of Neapolitan cooking. Upon her return, Marjorie edited the school’s teaching materials, containing some 130 recipes. She is currently collaborating on a book with the school’s head chef.  She wrote an article about her experience at cooking school, which appeared in the Los Angeles Times Travel Section.

Though cooking has long been her avocation, Marjorie was for 25 years one of Los Angeles' most versatile entertainment publicists. She has held a variety of staff positions, including director of publicity for 20th Century Fox Television, Corporate Communications and Fox Licensing. She has also worked as an independent consultant for various studios and production companies. Prior to her career in entertainment, Marjorie worked at newspapers and in radio as a writer and news editor.

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