How are the classes structured?

There are two types of classes: custom and scheduled. Custom classes are usually held in a client's kitchen or Marjorie's kitchen with two to four studnets. Marjorie explains and demonstrates techniques to students who then work together to prepare selected recipes. Upon completion of cooking, students eat what they have prepared. Scheduled classes are held in the kitchens at Beverly Hills High School and Culver City Middle School.

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Can I take what I cook home?

Each student is allotted a single portion, which they may take home or eat with the other students.


Are all ingredients included in the price of the classes?

Yes. All ingredients are supplied.


Can classes be given in my home?

Yes, depending upon your location and kitchen facilities.


What if I want to learn a dish that is not listed in the classes?

Special requests will be evaluated and priced on an individual basis.


What if I just want to watch others cook?

For those not cooking, a materials-only fee, based on the menu, will be charged to cover the cost of additional servings. 


Do you eat with your students during class?

Not always. It's entirely up to the client and depends upon the occasion.  If it's a cooking lesson or cooking party, Marjorie usually eats with her students. For special occasions and private-chef services, she doesn't.


If my home is outside the area, how can I arrange for a class or party in my home?

A mileage fee will be assessed for students outside the area, depending upon location.

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