I could master the art of pasta making with one lesson

"I had little confidence that I could master the art of pasta making with one lesson, but Marjorie's teaching technique was so organized and precise, that I came away assured that I could make pasta at home. I have tried many cookbook recipes over the past 20 years and I'm often disappointed with the result. Usually the ingredients require major adjustments. When I prepared shrimp with white wine sauce over pasta from Marjorie's cookbook, I was surprised and delighted when the dish turned out just right. The seasonings and flavors were absolutely prefect and I didn't have to add a thing!"

Maxine T.
Los Angeles, CA


Your cookbook gave me a renewed appreciation

"Your cookbook gave me a renewed appreciation of what it means to be Italian. Marjorie's stories and recipes from her family remind me of my days around my Italian table. Bellissimo!"

Tom B.
Hollywood, CA


Hoping to be asked to dinner

"The evenings of my cooking classes with Marjorie result in friends dropping by my home hoping to be asked to dinner. The dishes I have been taught to prepare are so incredibly delicious. What is important to me and the main reason I continue to take classes is that Marjorie instructs in a way that I am able to prepare the meals on my own and they come out wonderfully."

Jane C.
Marina del Rey, CA


Marjorie did a beautiful job

"Marjorie did a beautiful job on her cookbook. It's as good or better than anything I've seen on the market. Actually, it's more real, very honest. I can tell it all came from her heart."

Cathleen F.
Sacramento, CA


Cover to cover

"I just received you book.  What a total treat!  I'm going to curl up in bed tonight and read it cover to cover."

Lisa Z.
Venice, California


What more?

"Good food, great conversation, new recipes and a fantastic teacher — what more could you want?" 

Beth O. and Ken F.
Venice, California

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